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Meet Elizabeth.


I worked with Elizabeth to create paid subscription based newsletter. Her niche is mental health and professional development in the dental field, and as a practicing dentist herself, she wanted to reach people just like her. We chose warm colors and give a sense of ease, safety, and fun, with yellow and blue hues. Her logo also has font that is whimsical and a sunflower, which is symbolic to her. We also built a sponsorship levels chart that will give multiple avenues for income outside of her subscribers. She will be launching her newsletter in December, and it will go out bi-weekly to all of her subscribers.

Full website:

Meet Josh.


I worked with josh to create marketing collateral and a curriculum that was completely unique in the life coaching space.We identified his passion for helping men with mental health and created “The Gentlemen’s Dojo,” a men’s group that ties in spirituality, therapy, and community to create a safe and productive space for men only.

What made this program even more special is that we tied all of Josh’s skills, experiences, and gifts together, which birthed the brand of the dojo. Based on his extensive background in martial arts, Josh and I shaped his content based on the teaching the dojo provides its students.

Josh launched his program with a small group (done by design) and is now getting ready to full automate this program online.

Full Brochure: The Gentle Men’s Dojo